Leaking copper pipe at cold water supply line
Posted by Randy Bruns on April 03, 19100 at 15:17:59:
I live in a 2-year old home and just recently noticed a slow drip occurring on the main copper pipe which contains the cold water supply. Basically the copper pipe comes thru the basement wall from outside, and the dripping is occurring at the connection point between this pipe and the main shut-off valve component (both are before the meter). I put a pail underneath the drip and it had about 2 inches of water over 5 hours. This occurs whether or not the water is running somewhere in the house.

The pipe has been untouched since it's new installation when we built our house in 1998, so this seems rather unusual in a new home. Do the pipes need tightening every so often, or can I caulk something? Or would I have to replace one of the components? FYI, my electrical breaker box and phone line both have ground connections to this supply line.

Any help appreciated.


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