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Posted by hj on April 03, 19100 at 09:16:48:
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What I have found with older Cran toilets is that the styrofoam float on the tank ball will come loose and drop through the flush hole. (There is supposed to be an X insert below the hole to keep that from happening, but it is often removed in the process of repairing other problems). When this happens, the water does not leave the tank fast enough to permit a good flush. If this could be the problem, the easiest way for a user to fix it is to remove the tank and pull them out.
Plumbers who have come across this problem will be able to remove them without taking it apart.

: We have a Crane elongated water clost that we got about 25 years ago. It has and does work well most of the time. However, when our granddaughter is here we find that the brown stuff doesn't flush; rather stays for a few days, maybe 10 or 15 flushes. This has been going on for several months, not good. Suggestion/s? JT

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