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A trail rider preacher arrived in a western town to hold a revival meeting, but on the designated day, there was a terrific blizzard. Just one lonely cowpoke showed up for the meeting, so the preacher told him that they might as well cancel it. The cowboy said, "Preacher, if I had to feed my cattle, and only one cow showed up, I would still feed her." So the minister got up and gave his best Fire and Brimstone sermon. Afterwards he met the cowboy at the door and asked how he enjoyed the sermon. The cowboy replied, "I would feed the one cow, but I wouldn't give her the whole wagonful."

Dale is giving you the whole wagon full, when all you want is one mouthful. The pipe can, and probably should, go between the joists. The depth, and material, is regulated by your plumbing inspection department, but is at least 12" deep. If you use the green pipe, I would wrap it completely with the protective tape, which you have to use on fittings and damaged areas of the pipe anyway. You can provide a barbeque opening as long as you size the pipes properly.
: I would like to bring gas supply to my pool heater (200 000 BTU). The gas meter is on the opposite side of the house. Assuming that I can go through my basement, can I enter and exit the basement though the "joists", or does it have to go through the concrete foundation? Once out of the basement on the other side, how deep do I have to trench it to the heater? What materials are typically used? Cant I send a supply (T) off to an outdoor gas grill as well?

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