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Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service Inc LMP on April 03, 19100 at 01:40:40:
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: I purchased a 75gallon Jacuzzi tub and have a 50gal electric tank. I would like to add a gas hot water tank before the elec. tank. All cold water would be heated by the gas and the electric would maintain the hot water. That way I can have 90 gal. of hot water available if my wife takes a Jacuzzi bath and I take a shower. I have a 90% efficiency gas furnace and no chimney so how can I vent the gas hot water heater. Do I need to purchase a power vent blower or can I vent it through a wall? Is there a cheaper/better way to get more hot water. The house is brand new and the 50gal is not enough.
: Dave D.

Cost wise I would put a designated 50 gal electric water heater just for the jacuzzi.You do have natural gas and it sounds like you would need a power vent. Pretty expensive. Gas has a quicker recovery. Does your jacizzi have a heater? If you have one heater to the jacuzzi you can set the temp for your comfort.The choice is yours to make.Gas will cost you more to install. Dale's Plumbing Service Inc LMP

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