add gas heater ahead of electric
Posted by dave delguzzo on April 02, 19100 at 22:35:36:
I purchased a 75gallon Jacuzzi tub and have a 50gal electric tank. I would like to add a gas hot water tank before the elec. tank. All cold water would be heated by the gas and the electric would maintain the hot water. That way I can have 90 gal. of hot water available if my wife takes a Jacuzzi bath and I take a shower. I have a 90% efficiency gas furnace and no chimney so how can I vent the gas hot water heater. Do I need to purchase a power vent blower or can I vent it through a wall? Is there a cheaper/better way to get more hot water. The house is brand new and the 50gal is not enough.
Dave D.

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