leaking shower
Posted by debbie oxford on April 02, 19100 at 15:14:20:
I have an upstairs shower stall which is fiberglass, and I've caulked around all the seams - I think I finally stopped the leaks on each side of the shower
near the base (but maybe not- too early to tell). The problem I'm having now may be the shower pan, or the
seat around the drain. I noticed the problem when I was in the downstairs bathroom while someone was taking a shower in the shower mentioned above. I heard
a "drip-drip-drip" which sounded like it was falling
on top of the one-piece fiberglass tub-shower in the downstairs bathroom. I crawled under the house in the proximity of the plumbing for the same, and the insulation was wet. When the shower is over, the water stops. Any ideas? Do you think I need to rip the shower out and start over, or will some type of sealant around the seat 0-ring do it? Please help!!
The house is only 3 years old, and I want to stop this
before I have some major water damage. Thanks!

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