Re: Bathtub drain plug is stuck
Posted by Al Bayless on April 01, 19100 at 21:52:40:
In response to Re: Bathtub drain plug is stuck
HJ,I followed your advice and WD-40'd the overflow
drain. But first I poured some muriatic acid in to
try to dissolve corrosion or deposits. Then I
clamped a vise grips to the drain plug rod, and
gently tapped on the vise grips in an upward
direction with a hammer. This finally freed it up.
But when I cleaned the plug and put it back into
the pipe, it still wouldn't go into the down
position. So I pulled it out and poured more acid
in and let it sit a couple of hours. That did the
trick, and when I put the plug back in again it
worked OK. Thanks for your advice!

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