grease buildup in ejector
Posted by Randy on April 01, 19100 at 11:49:37:
Last August we remodeled the basement, adding a bath and a sewage ejector. Given the way the walls needed to be laid out, we had to tie the kitchen into the ejector as well. (Sink, disposal & dishwasher).

The ejector stopped working this week, and when I looked into it (boy do you plumbers earn your money, whew!) there was a heavy grease buildup on everything which was preventing the float from floating.

So, I've cleaned it all out, but am looking for advice. Do we just need to be extra careful with what goes down the kitchen drain or is there something inherently wrong with this whole setup? Is there any product or tip/trick we could employ to clear the grease out once every couple of months?

Thanks for your time & expertise, Randy

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