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Posted by Bud...Suncoast plumbing on March 31, 19100 at 17:39:15:
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Adam:--There is a way to do what you intend, though it might not be easy. The best way would to
abandon the lead bend and start from scratch at the Cast Iron sanitary Tee. If room permits, hack saw the brass caulking ferrule off flush with the cast iron hub. With a sawzall(or similar saw)and a metal cutting blade about 4" long, cut several slots in the caulking ferrule. If you have cut all the way through the brass caulking ferrule that is in the hub of the san tee, you should be able to tease it out of the hub by collapsing the ferrule with the use of a chisel and hammer.
Once the ferrule is removed from the sanitary Tee hub, carefully remove all the old lead and oakum with the same hammer and chisel.
The use of a multi-tite rubber gasket in the sanitary tee socket and the appropriate PVC fittings needed to make your new closet bend should be a piece of cake. Stub the new bend up through the floor and glue on the new PVC closet flange to the new PVC closet bend.
There are other methods of dealing with this type of situation, but the one described works very well................Bud

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