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Posted by Bud...Suncoast Plumbing on March 31, 19100 at 07:38:09:
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J.Conway:--I think you have identified the source of the noise..what to do about it still remains.
As time goes by, the resin bed within your water softener consolidates into a chunk of concrete like material. When this happens water is not able to pass through as easily as it did when the unit was new. The restriction to the flow can cause whistleing and squeeling noises.
If the timer is stuck in a backwash or brine setting, this can also be a cause for water noises. It could be something as simple as a defective "O" ring in the by-pass valve.
If a new water softener costs $1000.00, and repairs parts..labor and diagnostic fees are $250
to get your ten year old unit back on line, there may be some wisdom in considering the purchase of a new one.
We are living in a throw-a-way society, the cost of repairs to many items is not always justified. Ten years of service from a new unit is probable, and represents an investment of $100
per year. The investment of 250 zob in an ailing ten year old mechanism with lots of moving parts is a very questionable one, and no guarantee that it will deliver reasonable service.
Lots of luck...Bud

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