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Posted by Bud...Suncoast Plumbing on March 30, 19100 at 20:10:24:
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Don:--Some questions that may be of help in unravelling "the Mystery of the Odorous Loo."
1.) Are you the only user of this facility?
2.) You mentioned "recently"..has there been any
new users of this accomodation of late?
3.) Is the malodor more noticeable as you enter
or exit the little room?
4.) There are 144,986 seperate and distinct
definitions that relate to the vague term
"Stinky", could you be more specific?
5.) Do you or any member of your household
suffer from any visual anomalies such as
Dyslexia..Ambliopia or Peeonflooria?
6.) There is the possibility that the odor in
question is associated with sewer gas entry
due to a bad seal beneath the toilet or
perhaps a dried out water seal in a
"P" trap for the shower or tub.
7.) Is there a bathroom ventilation fan in use?
Some fans can develop a negative pressure in
a confined area, and actually suck foul
smelling vapors from the drainage lines.
8.) If there are others that share this pit stop
..has there been any other observations by
them as to the acceptability of the quality of
the air there?
9.) If you are the sole user of this restroom,
have there been any significant changes in
your dining habits over the recent past?
10.)If all rational attempts at solving this
dilemma are of no avail, I can put you in
touch with an Excocist that specializes in
Plumbing related manifestations.
Lots of luck..Bud

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