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Posted by hj on March 30, 19100 at 08:33:50:
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Maybe someday I will decide to start installing PEX tubing, but until then I will be content to repair it. But then, I never got on the polybutylene bandwagon either even though that was supposed to revolutionize the plumbing industry and put all the real craftsmen out of business.

: : We hired a plumber in August 99 to run water and drains for the upstairs of our earth-contact A-frame. He installed most of the water line with the new flexible vinyl tubing and then never returned to finish the job. Our new plumber has only worked with copper. How do you connect the two systems?

: Karen, You need to find out what kind on pipe was used. There is the vanguard pex system and the whirsbro pex pipe. Each one has a different size and each one useses a different tool. These tools cost over $130.00. There is a sweat fitting from copper to either pex system. Your new plumber needs to catch on to the new pex system. It can't be beat. Dale's Plumbing Service INC.

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