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Posted by hj on March 30, 19100 at 08:27:31:
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First remove the overflow plate and spray a generous amount of WD-40 down the pipe. Let it set for a few hours and do it again. Repeat several times. The next day, use a pair of pliers and start jerking on the wire that goes down the drain. Do not just pull on the wire, jerk it up and down forcefully. Either the plug will come out or the wire will come loose. If it comes loose, go to a supply store and get a 3 foot piece of 1/8" brazing rod and form a "V" at the bottom and bend the top to make a handle pointing in the same direction as the "V". The short side of the V should be about 2" long and the opening between the sides of the V shuld be about 1". Slide the V down the drain far enough that it is past the plug and then pull it back up to try and catch the handle on the plug. Keep inserting and turning the V until you do catch the plug, then rap upwards on your handle with a hammer or pair of pliers. Either the drain plug will come out or the handle on the plug will break. You cannot control which will happen and if it breaks there was no way you would get the plug out anyway without opening the wall behind it, but you gave it your best shot. However, I haven't had to open a wall yet doing this. In fact the last one I did one, the handle broke at the same time it cme loose, so I was still able to remove the plug.
: I have about a 25 year old tub. The drain plug is the type you illustrate in several of your replies, the
: Price Phister picture. It's frozen in an open position. Water drains out of the tub, but I can't move the
: plug to the closed position. I've tried Drano in the drain, in case hair is blocking it. Didn't work. It
: appears to be "rusted" tight. What can I do? There is no access panel to get at the back of the tub.

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