Re: sump is always full
Posted by The Mad Plumber on March 30, 19100 at 00:18:44:
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: ever since the beginning of spring I've been getting lots of water in the basement ( only around the sump area) its probably due to spring thaw. Anyway, when the water gets pumped out of the pit and onto my driveway (which is a stone driveway) its eroding the hell out of my driveway. Is this normal? should the water just dissapate into the ground? or should I dig a trench?

This is a tough one....Dig a trench, put in perf pipe, cover with washed rock, cover with filter paper, then dirt, or...... erode the hell out of the stone driveway.....hmmmm. Ow ow ow! This is hurting my head! I guess you could flip a coin on this one. Ow ow ow! Hey son, quite hitting my thumb with that hammer! Can't you see I'm busy here? Ow ow ow! Gee why does he keep doing that! Got to go, my thumbs are killing me.

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