Re: Weak water flow from showerhead
Posted by The Mad Plumber on March 30, 19100 at 00:07:47:
In response to Re: Weak water flow from showerhead
: I just moved into a house that has whimpy water flow from the showerhead. Is there an easy way to
: increase the water flow? There is nothing like a great shower in the morning...

Weak flow huh? I got just two things to say to you! A bigger water heater and more power to the shower head! Take off the shower head, remove that crummy flow restricter. Throw that baby as far as you can. No wait, maybe don't throw it too far in case what you do next doesn't work and you wreck everything. Oh heck! You didn't like that head anyways. If the head has a tiny hole for water to go through, take a drill bit and drill that crummy thing into a bigger hole. If none of that works, get a greaaat big shower head. Eeeha!

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