Re: clogged toilet from two year old boy
Posted by Terry Love on March 29, 19100 at 23:50:05:
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: I am a new homeowner, and already I'm having clogged toilet problems. From what I can guess is that the little one (a two year old boy) has put something in the toilet i.e. wash rag, toy. I've tried using the plunger with poor results. The water flushes slow and that paritcular toilet cant be used for bowel movement. What can/should I do to fix this problem?

: v/r
: Ken

Two year old boys! They love putting things down the toilet. You can try using a mirror to see up the trapway. You may have to take the toilet off to check the lower exit of the toilet also. Sometimes a "closet auger" will do it for you without removing the toilet. But sometimes they will snake right by whatever is in the trapway. Terry

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