Re: Possible leak under concrete floor
Posted by hj on March 29, 19100 at 20:46:15:
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#2 is probably the most important. If the pipes are leaking, then a hot spot is usually where the leak is.

: I need some advice on what I think is a leak in the hot water side of my plumbing.
: The house has a concrete slab floor.
: The symptoms are as follows:

: 1) Cold water starts out cold, gets hot, then cold again.

: 2) Noticed "hot spots" on kitchen and bathroom floor.

: 3) New Rheem 12-yr guarantee water heater makes noises when all hot water faucets are shut off in house.

: 4) Water heater noises cease when water supply to hot water heater is shut off.

: Any words of advice for further diagnosing and localizing the problem? Is there any fix short of getting a jack-
: hammer and opening up the floor? Note that it is a 2-story house so running a bypass through the attic is NOT an option.

: Thanks for any help.

: Mike

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