Possible leak under concrete floor
Posted by Mike Muha on March 29, 19100 at 18:52:24:
I need some advice on what I think is a leak in the hot water side of my plumbing.
The house has a concrete slab floor.
The symptoms are as follows:

1) Cold water starts out cold, gets hot, then cold again.

2) Noticed "hot spots" on kitchen and bathroom floor.

3) New Rheem 12-yr guarantee water heater makes noises when all hot water faucets are shut off in house.

4) Water heater noises cease when water supply to hot water heater is shut off.

Any words of advice for further diagnosing and localizing the problem? Is there any fix short of getting a jack-
hammer and opening up the floor? Note that it is a 2-story house so running a bypass through the attic is NOT an option.

Thanks for any help.


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