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Posted by Curt on March 29, 19100 at 16:20:57:
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I'm not sure what you are attempting here. If you are trying to un-solder a fitting (is that a word?) then you probably have one or more problems. Are you sure the section of pipe and fitting where you are heating is truly drained? Often there a low points in the piping (located exactly where you need to work). If there is water in this, then your propane torch, or even hotter fuels won't melt the solder. Your best bet in this case is to cut the pipe and add in new pipe, fittings, couplings, drain valves, etc. If you are sure the fitting is drained, then it may take some pliers and a little muscle to pull apart the joint. Have fun, wear safety glasses. - Curt

: I have a 1/2 in copper hot water pipe attached to the joists in my crawl space. I want to solder in another heater so I carefully drained the water system and tried heating the pipe w my propare torch. After 10 min the pipe still would not melt solder! Do I need to heat longer or get a more intense hest?

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