Low Water pressure at end of brand new hot water line
Posted by Tadd Balfour on March 29, 19100 at 12:58:36:
I have just replace the entire hot water line and hot water heater in my 45 year old house. Replacing
the line resolved all of my hot water pressure issues except one.

The line runs from the water heater down underneath the floor and then splits. One side goes to my
kitchen and then down to the main bathroom w/ shower and sink. Everything that way works fine. The
other side runs back to an apartment on the back of my house which I rent out separately. The way the
house is set up, this part of the line feeds a bathroom sink, then a shower and finally the apt. kitchen
sink. The apt. kitchen sink is where the hot water pressure is non -existent. I have checked the faucet
for clogs/etc but found nothing. Both the shower and bathroom sink work fine. Is this happening
because the kitchen sink is at the end of the line?

Please help... You can reply to me at balfour@outer.net

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