Posted by Karen Langley on March 27, 19100 at 19:09:30:
I am having major plumbing problems from my meter to the main water shut off. After 2 plumbers and 2 leak detectors I've had to abandon the main water line and put in a whole new main water line. I've been in my brand new home for ONE year as of Dec. 9th. My builder told me you are covered for outside plumbing for one year and one year only so too bad we will not compensate you in any way. I just put $2500 into fixing this and my concern was that the main water line that was put in by Colony Homes was Polybutylene Blue Piping. Now I've called my county- Cherokee County to get more information but no return call yet. I was told by several people that in Georgia they are NOT allowed to use this piping. HELP ANy information you can share with me?? I would greatly appreciate any help, suggestions or facts !! Thanks

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