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Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service INC. on March 26, 19100 at 21:38:47:
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: I have a hidden leak in my commode water tank. Over the past two years, I have replace the flush valve with flapper at least four times thinking that for some reason water was going under the flapper. Today I installed another new flush valve with flapper and filled the tank. I cut the water supply. The water level dropped about two gallons in three hours. Any suggestion of how this water is leaving the tank and down the drain. All new seals were also installed. Thanks to anyone for a suggestion.

Put red food coloring in your tank. If the red ends up in the bowl it is seeping from the flapper or flush valve.If you are useing a brass overflow tube make sure you use pipe dope on the threads. Put pipe dope on the washer of the flush valve when installing it.You may have a hair line crack at this point. Dale's Plumbing Service INC.

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