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Posted by Terry Love on March 25, 19100 at 14:45:22:
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: : Typical experience (from this morning):

: : Customer:
: : How much will it cost to fix my faucet.
: : Me:
: : It could be $70 or it could be $140 or whatever the labor costs depending on the time it takes.
: : Plus parts.
: : Customer:
: : Ok.
: : Me:
: : Go to job. Screw is frozen in handle and has to be drilled out, (so need a new PHOENIX brand handle). Fix faucet and hot water is low pressure. Take faucet apart. Previous repairer inserted two o rings over the long seat, plugging the water outlet. Replace the seat, but appears to have a bad thread. Only one site in town, on the other side of town, has Phoenix parts. Get parts and install them. Present bill and customer says, "you said labor would be $70", forgetting or never hearing the rest of the quote.

: : : : I have a REALLY old house. My washer was working fine until recently. My sink started filling up when the washer drained. So, I called a drain man and he cleaned out the drain and this stoped. Well, there was duct tape around the drain for the washer since I bought the house (Washer and drier came with the house). Well, drain fiixed I guess I can remove the duct tape right? ... No! I removed it, ran the washer and water overflows out the drain pipe when the washer drains. I did some research and I guess my pipes are too small. the diameter of the pipe is 1 1/2 in. What do I do now? Do I just tape it back up or call a plumber? How much is this going to cost?

: : : Shane, How much is this going to cost? Ah yes the most asked question a plumber gets over the phone. Well not to get smart...But when a customer asks me that question I come back with ..Do you know what color my socks are that i am wearing? and of course the answer is No... Well why don't you know what color socks i am wearing? I ask. and the customer says well i can't see them. Well, I can't see your plumbing over the phone either yet most consumers insist that we tell them over the phone what something will cost..O just a ball park price..I won't hold you to it. Yea right.... So who ever reads this i ask or beg you on behalf of most plumbers in business DON'T ASK FOR A PRICE OVER THE PHONE OR OVER THE INTERNET. We can't be accurate, It isn't fair to you , to your plumber or to us. Dale's Plumbing Service Inc LMP

: : : Terry. You can delete this if I'm out of line. Dale

: HJ: I had the same problems as you untill i went flatrate. I have never had a problem since. Dale's Plumbing Service Inc LMP

Even the doctor takes an X-ray before he commits to surgery. The pricing manuals, like you find at auto repair places, restaurants, etc. are a real time saver for pricing work. I like the idea of a small charge for checking out the situation and preparing a price with the use of a plumbing pricing book. I think it would be fair to pay someone to come to your home and see what it would take.

Things that make it easier for the plumber:
Pipes in crawl-spaces, ( easy access for upgrading pipe size)
Often, a 2" cast iron hub fitting can be found. New plumbing code gave up on 1-1/2" waste lines for washers long ago.
You could add a laundry tray to dump the washer water into. This way, you have some way to hold the water until it slowly drains. This is nice if you have the space for it. I like them fitted with a kitchen faucet and spray. Great for cleaning those paint pans.
If concrete floors need to be broken out, $$$

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