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Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service Inc LMP on March 24, 19100 at 22:54:46:
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: I have currently gutted a bathroom. Replaced all floorint, tore off all drywall and replaced studs behind an old 1 pc cast tup w/tile surround. I am replacing with Lasco 1 pc 72x30x60 tub/shwr combo. I need to replace the old valving and drain. I can access the drain from the basement but the plumbing is on the outside wall(new valve is PF). How do I locate the new valve, not having access to the wall area of the unit? I can guess on lateral position but how do I figure the depth (extensio) into the shower itself.
: The old valve extends about 2" from the old finished wall, but the new shower has more inset from the finished wall. How will I get the valve through the new shower side without access from the back? It has to be anchored to the wall, right. I can't let it float until joining it to the new unit? HELP db

Dave,In the first place the water lines should not be on an outside wall. They may freeze. But if you insist this is what you should do. On the instructions of the faucet there should be a rough-in diagram. It will tell you how far the faucet stems need to be out of the wall. On some faucets there is a line on the plastic roughin cover that says finished wall to this surface.After you have installed the faucet centered with the drain 30" to faucet off the floor (my preference) and useing a 6" BRASS nipple and brass 90 for the spout, you are now ready to drill the holes in the tub.You must set the tub level and plum as if it were in the opening where it is going. measure the height of the faucet and spout and measure off the wall to the center of the holes.You may need a 4' level for this task because you will be measureing from the top. This is pretty tricky to do so take your time. check your measurements. Or put the drain and water on the opposet end where it should go. Hope this helps Dale's Plumbing Service Inc LMP

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