Re: Bathtub refinishing vs. Bathtub liners
Posted by Joylynn on August 03, 1998 at 16:18:51:
In response to Re: Bathtub refinishing vs. Bathtub liners
You are not alone! It can be very frustrating to have to decide between a liner and refinishing. Let me tell you this: The disadvantage to liners is that you need to take into consideration the age and size of your tub. Also, the shape of the area around the tub. Not always is there a liner to fit your needs and if not, you may have to special order which could cost alot of money. Plus, you may have to make modifications to the area and during these modifications you may encounter additional problems: I strongly recommend refinishing!!! Refinishing is the most cost-effective alternative to replacing the unit entirely. It's a one day mobile service that leaves your unit looking brand new and ready to use in as little as 24 hours****** Joylynn*** NM BATHTUB & SINK RESURFACING*****I am in the position of either refinishing my bathtub or installing a bathtub liner, We have heard contraversy about both options and we are confused. We cannot replace the tub we have because we have a marble insert on the walls surrounding out bathtub and I don't want to destroy it. We are stuck with refinishing our bathtub or going with a liner. Can you give us your honest and professional opinion? Thanking you in advance.

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