Re: PVC piping and roots
Posted by Terry Love on March 23, 19100 at 16:33:33:
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: : Dale:

: : Then you must not have Palo Verde or Weeping Willow trees where you live. Or maybe NYC does not have trees.

: : : : how does roots affect PVC piping? it is a extra credit question in my class, can you please email me back tonight because i have to have it by tomorrow

: : : Michael, INthe last 25 years i have been installing pvc undergroung I have not seen any problems with roots. Dale's Plumbing Service Inc LMP

: HJ, If you are keeping a Data base on me then you need to edit your infomation on me. I do not live in NYC. I live in kansas. There are plenty of weeping willow trees here. PVC pipe properly installed (sch 40 on up) and tested will not allow tree roots to enter it. Improperly installed pvc pipe with bad glue joints will. Have a nice Day. Dale's Plumbing Service Inc LMP

I've seen pictures of your backhoe Dale. I'm sure the pipe you're installing is the "manly" grade of PVC! Not the Wimpy thin-wall homeowner type stuff hj was referring to. Terry

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