Re: Diverter Problem?
Posted by TK on March 23, 19100 at 15:23:24:
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: Hi, Terry (and all who read this). Just bought a very old house (100) and noticed, prior to purchase,
: that the tub shower didn't put out much water when the diverter was engaged. No big deal, I thought.
: Well, now that we own it, my wife went to shower last night, called me into the bathroom and told me
: to take a look. The water from the shower head was now just a trickle. Can this be just a worn-out
: diverter, or might there be more serious problems? No effluent came from the faucet when the diverter
: was in use, but also no water came from the shower head. Can I fix this myself? Thanks for any help
: you can give me.

Sounds like your shower head needs a good cleaning. Do you have hard water? Is it a new shower head or the one that came with the house? Hope all that water isn't going into the wall...

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