Re: Soldering Copper and White Bread
Posted by Terry Love on March 23, 19100 at 13:48:33:
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: : When I am soldering copper water supply lines, I usually use white bread to temporarily plug the existing lines (once pressure has been relieved and water drained) while I complete the joints.

: : Is this the best way of eliminating water from the process or is there a more reliable product? I hate the thought of jamming anything into my water lines that I have to 'hope' ultimately dissolves and runs through the fixtures.

: TK, There are a couple of products on the market that are used for this purpose. I have always used bread LESS CRUST and It has always worked for me. The bread will disolve in water.Dale's Plumbing Service Inc LMP

And when you are done, sit down for a nice snack of bread, butter and wine. Like Dale says, a little bread with wine, "no crust" will get the job done. It makes homeowners feel helpful when you ask them for bread. At first they think you're hungry. But when they find out that they are a key part of suppling tools, they are happy. Terry

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