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Posted by Jymie Ha on March 22, 19100 at 15:04:14:
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: : I have just done some sink replacements and changed a water heater in my house. The water supply is well-fed and before I started any of the projects, I have had to turn off the pump, in order to install shut-off valves at each sink and at the water heater. I have a notably reduced water pressure now. Is there such a thing as the pump, or pressure tank losing pressure when shut off?

: Have you checked the areators on each faucet to see if they are plugged? Dale's Plumbing Service Inc LMP

All the aerators are new and unplugged. The water heater is an addition, so that added about 8 feet of 1/2 in pipe and a 40 gallon tank. Everything else, I just replaced the pipes, piece for piece, galvanized to PVC/CPVC...

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