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: I am updating a bathroom in my home. There was a marbel slab under the toilet because the bathroom did not have a ceramic floor. I would now like to put a tile floor in , my problem is that the original steel pipe and flange will be too high now that I have removed the slab. How can I lower this flange. What are my options. Thanks for any suggestions

Mike, Boy i put a lot of those marble slabs in in my day in long Island. Anyway Is it copper or cast iron we are talking about?Do we have an unfinished basement to work in? If it is cast iron you need to bust the old flange out with a hammer and chisel then install the new floor , Then put on a new flange. they have a pvc turn type flange that goes down inside the cast iron and you turn the flange to seal it.If the cast iron is to high take a grinder and scribe the pipe all the way around and then use a cresent wrench to break away a small piece at a time.If it is copper you need to unsweat the flange and use an inside cutter to lower the copper to the correct height. But if you have an unfinished basement below this bath then it is pretty simple to do. So if you can give me more details as to the working conditions of the job I can help a lot better. Dale's Plumbing Service Inc LMP

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