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Posted by marble man on March 21, 19100 at 23:42:07:
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: : You want a fine sabre saw or circular saw blade. Cutting from the back side or using a reverse cutting blade is the best way to avoid chipping the materiao. Carbide will melt the plastic and gum up the blade.

: : : I will be installing cultured marble in a bath/shower enclosers what is the best way to cut the marble to fit.Will a carbide blade work? The edges I cut will not be seen.Is a router better, are there any tricks to cutting...
: Will a wood cutting drill bit work to drill holes for the shower head and valve?
cutting cultured marble on the back side i only do for miter cuts, cutting with a skill saw top side backwards i belive is faster it takes practice but experience pays off ,just remember that 1/8th of an inch that the blade takes, and you cant loose,a wood bit sounds scary for facuet holes ,better stick with a hole bit,marble man later........

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