Pedestal Sink
Posted by Shannon on March 21, 19100 at 12:39:35:
I read the 1/12/99 questions and response to the pedestal sink as respects hiding the pipes - in a
response it stated "solid raisers" - what are these? Currently, I have just a sink attached to the tile
wall by a "now rusty" bracket and you see the curved pipes from the sink to the wall - are these the
"solid raisers"? Anyway, I want to get a pedestal sink installed - so, what does this usually run in price
for a plumber to do this work if I already have the sink purchased, but I would want the plumber to install
new pipes from my wall to my sink - is this possible? Also, once the old sink is removed from the tile
wall, there is going to be a rust spot because the bracket is looking really bad - will I be able to remove
the rust from the tile or will the pedestal sink I purchase hide this if I measure the height correctly?

Sorry for all the questions, but I have no idea where to start - please give me a starting point...

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