bath remodel due to tree roots into sewer line
Posted by jamilia on March 20, 19100 at 20:33:11:
I need advice. My sewer line backed up because tree roots had infiltrated the line outside
my house but on my property, not the city's. It flooded my basement and garage. Now I have to
replace fixtures and have two problems: First, I need a toilet with a strong flush. My plumber says to
purchase one with an insulated tank. Second, my upstairs bathroom shower (which was remodeled in 1995) suddenly
began spraying scalding hot water when ever the gas-fired furnace kicks in --- much the same way as would happen if
a toilet were flushed in an older home, suddenly taking the cold water for the flush and leaving the hot. When I
remodeled in '95 I had installed a Grohe top of the line fixture specifically designed to prevent the loss of hot water
under just these circumstances. It worked until last year. I know for certain that the gas furnace kicking on
causes this because it's happened when I have been alone in the house. My plumber says he thinks it's
the mixing valve and said that an insulated toilet (in fact, I would have to replace 3 toilets to accomplish this he says)
would eliminate the need for a mixing valve and this would keep the scalding water from happening. I should also tell
you that my 3 year old water heater has required (for the past 18 months at least)the temperature control to be turned
up past where it should be in order to keep the tank hot. We've tried turning it to where it should be but then there is
absolutely no hot water to take a shower. My plumber says he doesn't think it's the temperature control knob on the
3 year old hot water heater but rather my mixing valve for the toilets which is located in my basement. I don't understand
this. Can you PLEASE help me. Thank you VERY much. Oh, what's the most effective solvent to destroy tree roots in
side of sewer lines. My house which was built in 1964 has no outside trap, only one 3" trap located in my garage wall
which is on the other side of the downstairs bathroom wall. The sewer line blockage is approximately 51 feet or so from
the trap. Again, thank you for any assistance you can provide. me. I should also tell you I live in Anchorage, Alaska.
If you need to speak with me, I can be reached at 907.271.2655 ext. 2649.

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