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: My toilet was leaking every time it was flushed. The tank would overflow. I turned the water off and we haven't used it in weeks. Right after the water overflowed onto the floor and I turned the water off, THE WATER WILL NOT GO BACK ON....THE TANK IS DRY...IT CANNOT BE USED.... Why would the water not come back on after being turned off? The line is on the left side of the toilet, of course, but it will not produce water for the tank.... help!!!!! (and thank you)

Anne Marie,
First of all it sounds like you need to repair the ballcock in the toilet. As far as the valve goes it sounds like you have an obstruction on the line (an old washer etc.) Turn off all the water and take apart the valve to see if there is ant debris in the line. You may have to flush the line by having someone turn on the water while you hold a bucket over the valve opening. This will clear the line most of the time.

For repairing the ballcock you will need to know the brand and model of the toilet numbers can be found in the back of the tank or on the lid. You can email me those numbers and I can tell you exactly what you will need to fix it.

Good luck,

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