Replacing tub surround
Posted by John on March 20, 19100 at 14:31:59:
I need to replace a tub surround. There are several problems. First of all, the current walls above the tub are made of quarter inch thick board that is dark brown on the back with a thin, smooth, water proof surface. I don't know what this board is called. The problem is that this board runs down behind the one inch high flange on the tub. There is a one and a half inch high metal strip covering the flange that is supposed to seal against the wall board but it has leaked. The second problem is that this tub is in a mobile home and it is not the standard 5 feet long. It is only about 4 and a half feet. This is a very low budget project. I am considering getting a 3 or 5 piece tub surround (for example the Crane Plumbing Saver model A-9230). It's made of poly something. It's cheap and quick. Tile is not an option.

1. What do you think of these types of surrounds? How long do they last?

2. The A-9230 is only 57 inches high. The ceiling is 68 inches. How do I seal the top edge of the surround?

3. Can I cut this type of surround to fit? With what? Another problem is that there is a window about 54 inches from the bottom of the tub.

4. The current wall board is still pretty solid. Can I just glue the surround over the top? Will it stick to the smooth surface? It would have to overlap the flange on the tub.

5. If I were to remove the wallboard, behind it is quarter inch thick paneling. Removing the wallboard would not be easy since it is trapped behind the edge of the tub. I don't want to move the tub. What do I then put over the paneling to make it flush with the flange on the tub?

Any thought or suggestions? Recommendations as to the type/brand of tub surround to use? Thanks!

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