New single handle fitchen tap, no cold water in pipe knobb turn eight and leaks HELP.
Posted by James on March 19, 19100 at 15:36:02:
I bought a new set of kitchen taps, old set had spout and hot and cold taps.
They have been turned off since Dec, l bought new taps that have center tap.
When l turn it the right pipe below has hot water coming out.
When l turn it for the cold water, just small drips of water, copper pipe,
below sink has no water coming out.
And the new taps leak as l turn the knob for hot water comes out of the bending tap area.
Could the cylinder in nrw taps be loose, l did for get plimbers tape in threads, could that be it?
And for no cold water coming out of the pipe below the sink, could the shut off valve be clogged,
or the cold water pipe, please help. CMHC were to fix items in house so since Dec have had
no kitchen sink water from taps, should l call plumber or can you help.
Yours Truly James

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