Noisy pipes in new townhome
Posted by Rene Vazquez on March 19, 19100 at 09:09:04:
We moved into our new townhome about two months ago and have experienced noisy pipe problems since day one. The noise starts when a toliet is flushed or when any water faucet is turned on. Its a knocking sound that repeats at a high frequency. The knocking gets louder over time, but repeats at lower frequency until, after about two minutes, it stops. This happens even if we turn on the water for just a few seconds and turn it off. If we keep the water turned on for awhile, as when someone showers, the noise eventually stops. However, keep the water off for awhile and then turn it back on, and the noise starts up again. We have our 60-day walk through with the builder this week. I've already mentioned this to them, and their initial response is that its "normal" expansion and contraction of the plastic pipes, which should go away within 4 months. I'm skeptical. The noise is so loud, that no one can use the bathroom at night without waking everyone in the house up with the noise. To me, it sounds like the pipes and banging against the studs? Any suggestions?

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