gas for dryer
Posted by Scott on March 17, 19100 at 12:28:35:
I need to run a stretch of gas line in my garage for
a gas dryer. There is already gas in the garage for
the central heat and the dryer is only located about
six or seven feet away. The furnace is fed by black
pipe coming into the garage with a shutoff valve
to which is connected the flex tubing going to the

My question is, if I connect a tee downstream of the
valve and run a stretch of flex tubing over to the
gas dryer (I'll add an additional shutoff valve
just before going into the dryer) will I get enough
flow rate for the furnace and the dryer to run
properly? Or, should I put a tee in the black pipe
and run black pipe over to the dryer followed by a
shutoff valve just before the dryer?

I appreciate any suggestions here.....

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