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Posted by Terry Love on March 17, 19100 at 00:00:56:
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My wife wont,s a New Commode & i told her a new commode will not fix the problem.
Ocassionally our Potty Overflows. I think it is a Restriction in the Sewer Line. I cant explaine too her that Water Flows too it
Lowest Level. & a New Potty will not Correct the Problem that we have.
he New potty would overflow unless we find out why it Overflows.
Am i right or Wrong
Do you have a Diagram of a Bathroom Potty & Sewer Connected.
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: Bill, It is possible that there is a problem in he toilet as water should rise in the tub if there is a drain problem. But the problem may be before the tub drain or in the toilet itself. It may have a calcium deposit not allowing it to flush properly. If you plung and it seems to work ok after each plunge it may be just the toilet. Dale's Plumbing Service Inc LMP:

Gee Bill, she's only asking for a new toilet. It could be two months wages if she were asking for diamonds. (diamonds, a women's best friend )
I agree with Dale, if there are no other signs of backup, no calcium build-up and it will flush well after plunging, the correct options could be removal of the offending toilet to inspect for lost items in the trapway, or installation of a better toilet. If you go for the bright new shiny one, get a roomier elongated one. Terry

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