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: I have torn out my stand up shower stall down to the 2x4 walls and plywood floor. I have ordered new tile and concrete board for the walls...
: I have an old existing lead liner secondary containment which has a slight crack on it.
: Can the lead liner be repaired, somehow? or should I just say don't chance it and remove it?

: If I have to replace it should I put new plastic 2" drain in and connect it to the copper pipes I have?

: How exactly does the floor drain connect to the new liner,if I go that route, and get a proper seal?
: what is the proper method for installing the new liner and drain in the floor, Please give fairly detailed!
: Thanks, Bill

Here is some information that should help you. I would not use your existing liner.
410.2 Shower Receptors Are Plumbing Fixtures And Shall Conform To The General Requirements There for Contained In Section 401.0. Each Such Shower Receptor Shall Be Constructed Of Vitrified China Or Earthenware, Ceramic Tile, Porcelain Enameled Metal Or Of Such Other Material As May Be Acceptable To The Administrative Authority. No Shower Receptor Shall Be Installed Unless It Conforms To Acceptable Standards As Referenced
In Chapter 3 And Listed In Table 14-1 Or Until A Specification Or A Prototype Or Both Of Such Receptor Has First Been Submitted To And Approval Obtained From The Administrative Authority.

410.3 Each Shower Receptor Shall Be An Approved Type And Be So
Constructed As To Have A Finished Dam, Curb, Or Threshold Which Is
At Least One (1) Inch (25.4 Mm) Lower Than The Sides And Back Of Such Receptor. In No Case Shall Any Dam Or Threshold Be Less Than Two (2)Inches Or More Than Nine (9) Inches In Depth When Measured From The Top Of The Dam Or Threshold To The Top Of The Drain. Each Such Receptor Shall Be Provided With An Integral Nailing Flange To Be Located Where The Receptor Meets The Vertical Surface Of The Finished Interior Of The Shower Compartment. The Flange Shall Be Watertight And Extend Vertically A Minimum Of One (1) Inch (25.4 Mm) Above The Top Of The Sides Of The Receptor. The Finished Floor Of The Receptor Shall Slope Uniformly
From The Sides Toward The Drain Not Less Than One-Quarter (1/4) Inch Per Foot Nor More Than One-Half (1/2) Inch Per Foot. Thresholds Shall Be Of Sufficient Width To Accommodate A Minimum Twenty- Two (22) Inch Door. Exception: Special Use Shower Compartments For Wheelchair Use May
Eliminate The Curb Or Threshold. The Required Slope And Depth Shall Be Maintained From The Door Entry To The Drain Opening. The Minimum Distance Between The Door Or Entry To The Drain Opening Shall Be Four (4) Feet.
410.4 All Shower Compartments, Regardless Of Shape, Shall Have A
Minimum Finished Interior Of One Thousand Twenty-Four (1024) Square Inches And Shall Also Be Capable Of Encompassing A Thirty (30) Inch Circle. The Minimum Required Area And Dimensions Shall Be Measured At A Height Equal To The Top Of The Threshold And At A
Point Tangent To Its Centerline. The Minimum Area And Dimensions
Shall Be Maintained To A Point Seventy (70) Inches Above The Shower Drain Outlet With No Protrusions Other Than The Fixture Valve Or Valves Shower Head And Safety Grab Bars Or Rails.

410.5 When The Construction Of On-Site Built-Up Shower Receptors Is Permitted By The Administrative Authority, One Of The Following
Means Shall Be Employed:
(1) Shower Receptors Built Directly On The Ground:
Shower Receptors Built Directly On The Ground Shall Be Watertight
And Shall Be Constructed From Approved Type Dense, Non-Absorbent And Non-Corrosive Materials. Each Such Receptor Shall Be Adequately Reinforced, Shall Be Provided With An Approved Flanged Floor Drain Designed To Make A Watertight Joint In The Floor, And Shall Have Smooth, Impervious, And Durable Surfaces.
(2) Shower Receptors Built Above Ground:
When Shower Receptors Are Built Above Ground The Sub-Floor And
Rough Side Of Walls To A Height Of Not Less Than Three (3) Inches
Above The Top Of The Finished Dam Or Threshold Shall Be First Lined With Sheet Lead Or Copper* Or Shall Be Lined With Other Durable And Watertight Materials.
All Lining Materials Shall Be Pitched One-Quarter (1/4) Inch Per Foot To Weep Holes In The Subdrain Of A Smooth And Solidly Formed Sub-Base. All Such Lining Materials Shall Extend Upward On The Rough Jambs Of The Shower Opening To A Point No Less Than Three (3) Inches Above The Top Of The Finished Dam Or Threshold And Shall Extend Outward Over The Top Of The Rough Threshold And Be Turned Over And Fastened On The Outside Face Of Both The Rough Threshold And The Jambs.
Non-Metallic Shower Sub-Pans Or Linings May Be Built-Up On The Job Site Of Not Less Than Three (3) Layers Of Standard Grade Fifteen (15) Pound Asphalt Impregnated Roofing Felt. The Bottom Layer Shall Be Fitted To The
Formed Sub-Base And Each Succeeding Layer Thoroughly Hot Mopped To That Below. All Corners Shall Be Carefully Fitted And Shall Be Made Strong And Watertight By Folding Or Lapping, And Each Corner Shall Be Reinforced With Suitable Webbing Hot-Mopped In Place. All Folds, Laps, And Reinforcing Webbing Shall Extend At Least Four (4) Inches In All Directions From The Corner And All Webbing Shall Be Of Approved Type And Mesh,Producing A Tensile Strength Of Not Less Than Fifty (50) Pounds Per Inch In Either Direction. Non-Metallic Shower Sub-Pans Or Linings May Also Consist Of Multi-Layers Of Other Approved Equivalent Materials Suitably Reinforced And Carefully Fitted In Place On The Job Site As Elsewhere Required In This Section.

*Lead And Copper Sub-Pans Or Linings Shall Be Insulated From All
Conducting Substances Other Than Their Connecting Drain By Fifteen (15) Pound Asphalt Felt Or Its Equivalent And No Lead Pan Or Liner Shall Be Constructed Of Material Weighing Less Than Four (4) Pounds Per Square Foot Copper Pans Or Liners Shall Be At Least No. 24 B & S Gauge Inches) Joints In Lead Pans Or Liners Shall Be Burned. Joints In Copper Pans Or Liners Shall Be Soldered Or Brazed.


410.5 - 412.0 Uniform Plumbing Code

Linings Shall Be Properly Recessed And Fastened To Approved Backing So As Not To Occupy The Space Required For The Wall Covering And Shall Not Be Nailed Or Perforated At Any Point Which May Be Less Than One (1) Inch Above The Finished Dam Or Threshold. An Approved Type Sub-Drain Shall Be Installed With Every Shower Sub-Pan Or Lining. Each Such Sub-Drain Shall Be Of The Type That Sets Flush With The Sub-Base And Shall Be Equipped With A Clamping Ring Or Other Device To Make A Tight Connection Between The Lining
And The Drain. The Sub-Drain Shall Have Weep Holes Into The Waste Line.
All Shower Lining Materials Shall Conform To Approved Standards
Acceptable To The Administrative Authority.

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