drain odors
Posted by Julie on March 16, 19100 at 04:53:00:
We live in a mobile home in a small park. We have lived here for 15 months. I started noticing drain odor about 6 months ago. Our washer drains out through the main plumbing pipe running under the center of our home. When the washer drains, and I am running water in the kitchen sink, the sink water does not drain, but bubbles back up into sink. After washer is done the sink water goes down. From the kitchen, the washer water goes on through the masterbath and sucks the toliet water down. When we first moved into the home we just heard the water, but did not see these above described events. The smell coming from the drains seems to be strongest after the washer has been used. If the sink gurgles, and for lack of better word "burps", it is awful. Is it possible that the water in the drain traps is being sucked out with the washer water? Thank you.

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