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Posted by TK on March 15, 19100 at 10:49:54:
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Having had a well pump problem, let me share an experience with you that you should be aware of.

I had a pressure tank problem, in that the air bag inside was no longer functional. My pump would cycle on and off a number of times during a single shower.

Not understanding the implications of this, I didn't pay much mind. Then, the pump quit altogether. Fortunately, the cycling of the pump only resulted in a broken power line to the pump, which of course caused it to not operate. I replaced the pressure tank and had the wire to the pump fixed. I figure I was lucky that the wire broke and the pump didn't burn itself out by cycling on and off so much.

I would have the problem looked at right away. New pumps aren't cheap. The stress being placed on the pump (based on the noises it is making) may cause it to ultimately fail, which is both inconvenient and expensive.

While not addressing your specific problem, I hope my experience helps you in some way.

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