Re: No water from well pump HELP!
Posted by Ben Bracker on March 14, 19100 at 15:50:03:
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: Hi. After doing a load of laundry today, I turned one of the upstairs faucets on and I now have no water. I have a well with a Red Jacket well pump. The xtrol tank is empty but the pressure gauge reads the usual 40lbs. What can I do to find out the cause of the lack of water? Is there such a thing as the pump losing its prime? I tried turning the well pump fuse of and back on, but no luck. Before I call a plumber, I wanted to troubleshoot everything that I could. Thanks.

Dear Kate,
I would check first to see if you have a tap on the inlet side of the well system. This would be between the tank and the outside line most likely. It would be for sample reasons most likely why it is there. See if you have water on that side of the system. You gauge could be broke or as Dave said, the system could be plugged up in this area, as I know most of the time the pressure switch and the pressure gauge are installed close together. Your pressure switch could also have fallen apart, most likely from a pressure tank that may need air, or be broken. There are so many things it could be that this would need to be narrowed down to find the most likey reason for your trouble. Contacting a local contractor wouldn't be a bad idea. But if you wish you may e-mail me.


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