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Posted by adam on March 14, 19100 at 02:46:27:
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: : We are in the early stages of bathroom remodeling and would very much like to have a system of radiant heat under the floor tiles. They would not be the primary source of heat there - but just to keep our feet toasty in the winter. Whereas these are very popular in Europe, we are having difficulty locating a good system here. Would you suggest an electric or water system (I suppose the latter would heat up faster) and which brand would be reliable and moderately priced.

: : Thank you very much for your help. A great and reassuring site.

: : Basil

: If you have hot water heat available, I would use that. I don't why yo wouldn't make this the primary source of heat. If the floor area of typical room provides ample heating area for a room, your bathroom shouldn't be an exception. Turn the feed for the existing baseboard (assuming water) into a heated radiator/towel rack.

I am looking for info on a similar heating system
to install for new homes as a primary heating sys.
The basic system involves a series of PVC lines
routed under the subfloor where hot water from a
hot water tank is circulated with a pump, much
like the human body itself is heated.

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