Re: Drilling thru Joist
Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service Inc LMp on March 13, 19100 at 05:53:16:
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: I need to drill thru Two joist to get a 3" pvc pipe thru a 2* 12 (11 1/4), what is the recomended hole threw the joist to meet code?? If I am within 5'of the stack , I think I don't need a vent is that correct?? Thank you

John, The best thing for you to do is ask your local building inspector. If i were doing it I would just do it as i have had no problems in the past. Stay in the center as much as you can and use a 3-1/2" hole saw.But again check with the building code official in your area. Dale's Plumbing Service Inc LMp

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