Leaky Shower
Posted by Bruce Aberdeen on March 12, 19100 at 14:06:21:
I have a framed in shower in my 3 piece bathroom off of the master bedroom. Over time i noticed moisture gathering under the vinyl flooring. I tore out and replaced the vinyl floor, subfloor and wall tiles in the shower. After inspecting the tiled shower floor I determined that there were no cracks and with a little silicone it should be water tight. After several days of fairly steady use, a drip from the ceiling on the floor below developed. My leak was back! There is no visable sign of cracks or leaks in the shower. Now I suspect that it may be the trap leaking.
What I need advice on is, am I more likely to find the leak by ripping up the shower floor or by opening up the lower floor ceiling? Will I be able to access the trap from the shower floor? Is it possible that the floor could leak through the grouting even if there were no visable cracks?
Oh, please help!


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