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Posted by Terry Love on March 11, 19100 at 17:45:11:
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: : : I am building an apartment over a garage and I don,t know how to frame for a 2 piece shower stall. It is fiberglass with a half inch lip around the edge. Is that edge screwed to a stud than sheetrock put over it or is the shower held by the plumbing. I don't know how to finish the wall around it. I would like it to look good. Thanks John

: : John, there should have been installation instructions with your shower, You need to put the shower drain on the base first then slide the shower in place. Make sure it is level and plum and where the lip is on the top use all purpose screws and secure the shower to the studs. Use water proof sheet rock or wonder board (concret board) on the wall of the shower. Hope this helps. Dale's Plumbing Service LMP
: I didn't get any instructions. I asked where I bought it and they said there was none. They are not even shipped in a box anymore. So I was told. This is complete unit with walls. Do I still need cement board on back and sides, or can it go against the studs. Thanks for the help. John

Screw the enclosure to the wood studs, drywall over the flange. Terry

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