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Posted by Terry Love on March 11, 19100 at 16:40:01:
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: Last fall one of my upstairs toilets started making a noise similar to releasing pressure when the master bath shower is on, the dishwasher or washing machine downstairs is on. It only happens when water is running in another part of the house. The home is 6 years old. This does not happen in the master bath or the powder room downstairs. Sometimes the noise is very loud and can be heard throughout the house. our builder told us this may happen occasionally, but it now happens on a daily basis.

I would look into the fill valve (ball cock)

Here are excerpts from the Fluidmaster web site:

1)Bent float rod causes overfilling or constant running.
2)Cracked/leaky float ball creates nonstop leaking into tank.
3)Noisy or lengthy refill from corroded ballcock.
4)Misaligned flapper/tank ball (indicated by the need to jiggle the handle).
5)Warped lift wire hinders correct alignment of tank ball.
6)Leaks form worn, pitted drain seat.
7)Corroded tank lever won't properly lift/drop flapper/tank ball.

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