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Posted by TK on March 10, 19100 at 10:25:45:
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: Need help I am needing to install a new dishwasher, the house has never had one, and am needing info. My wife is ready to kill me if I don't get it done!!!

It's real easy. I recently did my first one too. As Dale mentioned, you need a 110v power supply (try to give it a separate breaker), and a 24" opening in your kitchen cabinets, preferably right next to the sink.

The hot water supply for the dishwasher is branched off the hot water supply to your sink. The drainage is provided by the existing drain for the sink. Any hardware store will have kits which have all the bits and pieces you need.

Find one 'dishwasher install' kit for the hot water supply line, and another kit for the drain. Make sure the water supply is a reinforced pipe (braided steel is good).

The power for the dishwasher should be provided via a junction box in the basement below the kitchen (provided the ceiling in the basement is open). Drill a hole in the back corner of the 24" opening for the wire. Standard household wiring is fine. Leave plenty of slack so you can pull the dishwasher out later if required.

You will also need two holes between the dishwasher opening and the area under the sink. These are for the hot water and drain lines. Drill these holes once you have the kits and know what sizes are required.

The dishwasher itself just slides in (you need to level it using the adjustable feet) and screws to the underside of the counter with two brakets that will be already affixed to the dishwasher. Make sure you don't let the screws pierce the counter top (they are a standard length which works in MOST cases).

Thats it. Only takes an hour or so and you're wife will be amazed (do it while she's out one day and tell her it took 6 hours).

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