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Posted by HJ on March 10, 19100 at 08:35:14:
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You also have to install a pump to move the water around. To see what improvement this will make, run the hot water at the remote sink, until it is hot, and then try the other faucets. The ones tha have hot water quickly will be the ones that will benefit from the installation. There is also a Laing circulator that installs between the hot and cold water pipes at the remote sink that will give you hot water sooner. It cirulates warm water to the sink and then a short usage brings the hot water. This requires an electrical outlet inside the cabinet, so if you are lucky, the kitchen sink will be the remote one.

: I understand I have to add a second hot water line to a remote sink and connect it to the top of the hot water heater if I want the hot water to come out hot when I turn the water on and not wait.

: If this is true, is there anything special I have to do?

: Thanks, Lou Makrinos

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